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Goat Milk Meter

The goat milk meter is a simple and accurate, non-approved milk meter. It can be used stand-alone or integrated into the ATL system.

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The control panel is easy to use and comes with built-in ACR connection as standard, and swing-to-start or lift-to-start as an option. The system is easy to install using the plug and play wiring kit.

It fully integrates into the ATL system and Cowculator PC dairy animal software, allowing milk yields to be stored for multiple lactations and used for management purposes, as well as feeding to yield.

System Features:

  • Stand-alone system provides individual animal milk yield during milking and cumulative total for parlour only
  • Fully integrated into ATL system and Cowculator PC software provides individual animal and milking totals for multiple lactations and milkings
  • Milk meter lockout asks you to decide how to milk antibiotic or mastitis animals
  • Pulsation stop - ability to turn off pulsators when milking unit is not on animal - improves the life of the pulsator
  • Dedicated left & right buttons for side selection on swingover parlours
  • Optional extra switch for swing over parlours automatically changes side, animal number* and drops the cluster ready for attachment*

Integrated System Features:

  • Animal number
  • Current milk yield
  • Health attentions - AI, vet, mastitis, slow, bulling, test and dry
  • Previous milk yield
  • Lactation number
  • Feed ration

Control Panel Features:

  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Minimum of key presses to operate the milk meter
  • Clear, large character LCD display is easy to read from a distance and under most artificial lighting conditions
  • Simple, 6 button keypad
  • Easy to set up and calibrate

Flask Features:

  • Manufactured from polysulfone for excellent mechanical strength and chemical and temperature resistance
  • Dumping milk meter - plunger on diaphragm lift to open outlet and empty milk when milk reaches top probe. It then falls to close outlet and enable flask to fill with milk again
  • Each dump is approximately 65ml
  • Milk Inlet - 15mm ID, 19mm OD
  • Milk Outlet - 18mm ID, 22mm OD
  • No electronic parts with milk meter - simple design ensures low service costs

ACR Features:

  • Supplied with ATL ACR or links to most existing ACRs
  • ACR settings fully adjustable

*Only available when integrated into the ATL system